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TLD Min. Years Register Transfer Renew Restore
com 1 $50.00 USD $50.00 USD $50.00 USD $300.00 USD
net 1 $50.00 USD $50.00 USD $50.00 USD $300.00 USD

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Botero Solutions S.A.,
1ra Calle, 2da Avenida Noroeste 
edificio Pado del Sol
seguno nivel, #8-A
San Pedro Sula, Honduras
telefono (52) 356236
fax (312) 9401882


Customer Support

If you need support or have a question about any of our products please send an email to one of the addresses above and we will respond promptly

Whilst we endeavour to answer all of your questions ourselves, on occasion we may have to refer you to one of our partners for help, if we do this we will let you know.

For information about what will happen if your domain expires please see our Terms and Conditions


If you want to submit a complaint about any of our services please submit your request via one of the emails above with the subject line "Complaint about your service". You will receive a reply with a unique reference number, please include this reference number in all correspondence. If you wish to escalate your complaint please notify the customer service team who will pass your complaint to the appropriate manager who will reply promptly.

If you would like to report abuse please email [email protected] and we will deal with your correspondence promptly.

Know your rights as a Registrant? Go to ICANN's Registrants' Benefits and Responsibilities and Registrant Rights and Responsibilities for more information.